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How to look after your Irish Handmade Jewellery

How to look after your Irish Handmade Jewellery
Do you want your jewellery to last longer?  To look as good in 5 years as it does on the day you buy it?  I recommend that you look after your jewellery by cleaning it regularly and by following some tried and tested tips - it will last much longer and you will get many years more enjoyment from it. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why You Need To Treat Yourself To A Piece Of Irish Handmade Jewellery

3 Reasons Why You Need To Treat Yourself To A Piece Of Irish Handmade Jewellery

What do you buy for yourself when you treat yourself? When is the last time you bought yourself a piece of jewellery? Is it time for something new? I recommend you buy something Irish and handmade (of course).

Here's why:

A Sense Of Time & Place

Handmade jewellery, particularly the type of Irish handmade jewellery that I create, reminds you of visits to those special places in Ireland. It will remind you of that special time & the people you were with and the people you met. It will also, as all jewellery should, enhance your outfit & your overall look.

One of the beautiful things about handmade jewellery is that it can be very sophisticated & yet simple. It can give you a look that's individual to you & what you want to say.


Special Meaning

What was going on in your life when you chose that special piece or had that special piece designed specifically for you? That piece of jewellery becomes part of your history. When you wear it, both now & in the years to come, people will admire your jewellery, and you will be able to tell them the story behind it.

Not Mass-produced

As well as buying ready-made pieces, the joy of handmade is that you can have something bespoke created. A true one-off made to suit a special outfit or occasion. Your birthday, an anniversary, retirement, friendships, relationships - the list goes on.

Handmade jewellery offers more flexibility. Most pieces can be sized to your particular wrist size, chain length. This means you will have something that will never be that irritating one inch too short or that few millimetres too tight, and vice versa.

When you buy handmade jewellery, you can be sure that everything is made, usually by one individual, from start to finish, by hand, with a focus on quality, finish & design.

Nothing is rushed, each piece is crafted either as a small limited edition, or one-of-a-kind. When you walk down the street you won't bump into other people wearing the same piece.


So, if you're looking for gorgeous jewellery inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way & the Irish landscape, to keep & remind you of your time visiting these special places or as a gift for a loved one, then look at what I can offer you – you won't be disappointed.

Happy Shopping!

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The Spark That Inspired Me To Create Irish Handmade Jewellery

The Spark That Inspired Me To Create Irish Handmade Jewellery

The Spark that inspired me to create Irish handmade jewellery

I started my journey into handmade jewellery many years ago, when I travelled, holidaying around the world.  I visited Turkey, Corfu, Spain, Germany, and further afield to places like Thailand, the US, Fiji and more.  It's the markets that drew me in with their stalls full of handmade craft. But it was the handmade jewellery that sparked the real interest

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