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The Spark That Inspired Me To Create Irish Handmade Jewellery

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The Spark That Inspired Me To Create Irish Handmade Jewellery

I started my journey into handmade jewellery many years ago, when I travelled, holidaying around the world.  I visited Turkey, Corfu, Spain, Germany, and further afield to places like Thailand, the US, Fiji and more. 

It's the markets that drew me in with their stalls full of handmade craft. But it was the handmade jewellery that sparked the real interest.  I'd always return home with a special piece (or two). 

The jewellery I bought was the path to my memories of my travels. I'd always remember the market, the smells, the sounds… the vibe of where I'd bought it and who I was with.


Back home in Ireland, I couldn't find anything that did the same thing.  I couldn't find the handmade jewellery here that sparked those some emotions. 

I went to places that had mass-produced jewellery. It was beautiful but it lacked the sense of time & place, the feelings & memories that I got from the pieces I got on my travels.  I missed the connection I got by buying directly from craftspeople in the markets. I loved that peek into their thought processes, it excited me.

A new journey

A few years ago, I took a career break from my admin role and I knew this was my opportunity to do something creative.  With the memories of handcrafted jewellery in mind, I decided to explore the idea myself. I wanted to create Irish handmade jewellery that would engage you the same way the pieces I bought on my travels engaged me.

Could I do it?

Would my creations evoke a sense of time & place, and prompt memories & feelings? Would they have that sense of story to them?  After over 7 years of creating I've found that yes, making jewellery that reflects where I live, the places I like to visit, the people I meet and spend time with on my trips around Ireland, has invoked that needed sense of time & place in what I do & in what I now offer to you, my customers.

What inspired my collections?

My collections are rooted in the Wild Atlantic Way & the Irish landscape – specifically around Mayo, Galway, Clare & Kerry –   some of my favourite places.

The endless hues of the Atlantic,   the floral landscape, native wildlife including birds, butterflies & dragonflies, are the mainstays of my designs.  

I want the people who wear my jewellery to feel special.  Each piece I create is either unique or very limited edition, and so contributes to that ethos.

I started out making jewellery that was unique & individual to me. I have found that this resonates with a lot of my customers, who find a kinship in what I show through my designs.

Sea-inspired & nature-inspired colour ways, hints of the life that I see around my favourite places, and designs that evoke memories of time spent on the Wild Atlantic Way & in the Irish landscape, all combine into something that speaks to the people who buy from me. 

If you want a special piece of jewellery that reflects your love of Ireland, the Wild Atlantic Way and the people who live and create here,

treat yourself to something from my online store.




Comments on this post (2)

  • Jul 30, 2020

    Lovely pieces, love the colours . Tastefully made.

    — Marian Baruch

  • Jul 09, 2020

    Wonderful story so glad you are enjoying what you are doing and making such wonderful pieces ❤️

    — Louise Gilmartin

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