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About Us


Joanna Cronin from Peppermint designs & makes high-end costume & semi-precious jewellery in Galway.

Each piece made is carefully considered and is either limited edition or one-of-a-kind. Joanna believes that the person wearing her jewellery deserves to feel special & the knowledge that each piece is either unique or limited edition contributes hugely to that ethos. Joanna’s work is themed around the Wild Atlantic Way & the Irish landscape, with each mini collection comprising of 30 individual designs, all blending together seamlessly to create a stunning offering to the customer that can be built on over time.




Joanna Cronin, jewellery designer / maker.

Joanna has lived all her life on the west coast of Ireland, living in the Galway city area for 22 years. As a designer-maker, she is constantly inspired by her surroundings – both the west coast & Wild Atlantic Way, and Galway city itself, with its strong cultural scene, young, dynamic, vibrant population, and its close links with music, craft & food.