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Caring Instructions

Keep you & your Peppermint jewellery happy using the following care tips:

Silver Plated

Here at Peppermint, we choose the highest quality silver plated chains, charms, settings & rings available.  However, it’s natural for silver plating to wear or tarnish over time.  To prolong the life of your jewellery –

  • avoid wearing it while showering, swimming, cleaning, gardening or exercising
  • allow any lotions, fake tan or perfumes to dry completely before wearing your jewellery
  • store carefully - ideally, store it in the box it came in, or else in a separate pouch or lined box, or jewellery box, preferably airtight or out of direct sunlight.
  • to clean your jewellery, a soft non-lotion tissue is fine for wiping off daily oils or dirt.


Sterling Silver

Again, at Peppermint we choose the highest quality sterling silver chains & findings available, but it is natural for sterling silver to wear or tarnish over time.  To prolong the life of your sterling silver, follow the same tips as per silver plated, with the additional cleaning advice –

  • silver jewellery is best cleaned with a professional jewellery soft polish cloth or a jewellery-cleaning dip (following the product’s instructions carefully)
  • alternatively, make up a bowl of warm water with washing liquid & use a soft toothbrush for gentle scrubbing.